TSi Unveiled a World First in Satellite Search and Rescue Technology

Lanham, Maryland, USA – October 11, 2018 – TSi, the global leader in Search and Rescue (SAR) satellite ground stations and software solutions, introduced its new Horizon Phased Array Antenna (PAA) system, featuring the world’s first S- and L- band compatible phased array system with all-seeing, horizon-to-horizon coverage to reliably capture search and rescue signals relayed from orbiting satellites immediately after line-of-sight is established.

As part of this global debut, the TSi Horizon PAA system will be available to enhance regional search and rescue services worldwide with premiere technology advantages to complement existing and emerging ground-based systems. TSi has been supporting the world’s leading search and rescue programs for nearly thirty years, reaching a major milestone with the world’s first operational Medium-altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR) system in 2011 and remaining the number one market leader in successfully installing and launching MEOSAR systems ever since.

TSi’s Horizon PAA MEOLUT can deliver enhanced search and rescue coverage and second-generation signal processing capabilities, all in a compact form factor with no moving parts. By pointing to satellites near the horizon, the TSi Horizon PAA MEOLUT can detect and locate emergency beacons much farther away. This enhanced detection ability, combined with the TSi Selective Schedule Algorithm, enables the system to monitor more diverse regions, including the translation of oblong and irregular data points that are invisible to traditional systems.

About TSi: Founded in 1975, TSi is an advanced technology company and the global leader in SAR satellite ground stations and software services for integrated emergency response center systems. US NOAA and NASA, AMSA (Australia), MNZ (New Zealand), UK Coast Guard, CAAS (Singapore), DGAC (Chile) and other international government agencies are among the world-class customers that trust TSi to support and facilitate their SAR operations and save lives.

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