Certifications & Compliance

As an ISO 9001 certified company and a global leader in Search and Rescue (SAR) satellite ground stations and software solutions, TSi provides critical lifesaving products. We believe that strong processes lead to quality products and services, and our leadership team actively monitors process performance to ensure the highest level of product, system, and service quality.

TSi is committed to


Continuous improvement of our quality and business management systems.


Identifying and mitigating business risks, both internally and externally.

Compliance with industry regulatory requirements, namely Cospas-Sarsat specifications and commissioning standard.

Quality is built into everything we do, and all employees are responsible for Quality Assurance.  We support and encourage employee pursuit of certifications in their field of expertise as this helps to ensure they remain up to date on the latest technologies, trends, and business matters, which ultimately lead to higher quality products and services.

More than half of the TSi workforce have advanced college degrees.

Additionally, some of the individual and organizational certifications held by TSi and its employees include: