Global Support and Engineering Services

World-class Maintenance and Engineering Services

TSi has designed, developed, installed, and maintained Cospas-Sarsat ground stations since the mid-1980s and has developed these systems from the ground up. For over 40 years, we have provided the industry’s best maintenance and engineering services for all our turnkey installations. Through our world-class Global Support Services (GSS) team, we provide long-term quality maintenance and support to our customers and their systems. TSi GSS engineers are based in multiple countries around the world to ensure best coverage 24/7/365, thereby reducing customer service response time.

Maintenance and Support

Our Maintenance and Support program is designed to ensure TSi systems are in continuous compliance with all Cospas-Sarsat requirements. We provide 24/7/365 proactive system monitoring, 24-hour emergency hotline, RMA support, access to TSi online ticketing system, software upgrades, and personalized services through a dedicated GSS engineer assigned to each customer.

Additional services, including commissioning testing and report preparations, system operational and maintenance trainings, on-site inspections, unique software enhancements, and participation in Cospas-Sarsat technical meetings can be provided.

Engineering Services

TSi also provides customized Engineering Services to address customer-specific needs. Examples of past Engineering Services include research and development, white papers, custom solution development, system and statistical analysis, engineering staff augmentation, system integration, and testing.

Our close collaboration with NASA and NOAA, for instance, has resulted in many advanced features in distress alert detection and location performance, network security, system automation, remote monitoring, command and control, and overall system maintainability.

We recognize the critical role our customers play to ensure those in distress are found and rescued in the most timely manner.

Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual GSS team uses the most advanced technology available to support our customers. TSi has invested in the global expansion of its GSS team over the years and proudly provides the highest quality maintenance, support, and engineering services.

TSi’s technologies have helped to save more than 50,000 lives since 1982.

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