Reference Beacon

Reliable, Modular and Software Configurable Transmitter

The TSi Reference Beacon is a reliable beacon transmitter that generates standard Cospas-Sarsat First Generation Beacon (FGB) and Second Generation Beacon (SGB) signals, along with customized messages and waveforms in the 406 MHz band. Compared to other products, our Reference Beacon performs QMS, calibration, and simulation beacon capabilities, all in one compact 2U server form factor. This allows the Reference Beacon to be used in monitoring Cospas-Sarsat LUT performance indicators, as well as supporting commissioning activities.

Based on software configurable radio technology, our beacon supports user-programmable multiple beacon transmission scenarios for MEOLUT commissioning and system-level tests.

When built and configured as QMS Beacon, it is setup for continuous monitoring of MEOSAR performance and the QMS of the MEOSAR system. Combined with extensive logging, the Reference Beacon provides the source of statistics to monitor MEOSAR performance indicators like detection rate, TOA/ FOA accuracy and location accuracy.

Key Advantages


Compliant with Cospas-Sarsat T.001 and T.018 standards and specifications

Multi-channel simultaneous beacon signal transmissions
Fully customizable beacon message and modulation characteristics
High stability internal multi-GNSS receiver for accurate timing capabilities
Standard 2U enclosure for easy integration into server rack configurations

Networking capability for remote monitoring and troubleshooting

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