SAR Satellite Ground Stations

GEOSAR Local User Terminal (GEOLUT)

Geostationary Orbiting Search and Rescue Satellites

Satellite tracking station for acquisition of 406 MHz emergency beacon data relayed by Cospas-Sarsat Geostationary (GEO) satellites using GEOSAR technology. In use around the world, our GEOLUT is extraordinarily effective in processing downlink signals and forwarding the alerts to Cospas-Sarsat MCC for search and rescue actions. Using our proprietary software defined receiver technology, our GEOLUT is capable of providing distress alerting service for both First Generation Beacon (FGB) and Second Generation Beacon (SGB) signals.

Key Advantages

Robust beacon processor with excellent detection and processing performance
Highly effective system with easy setup and configurations
State-of-the-art software with FGB and SGB signal processing capabilities
Produce near instantaneous alerting over very large geographical areas
Built-in redundancy and high-reliability hardware and system design
Turnkey product with customization to match specific installation requirements

TSi’s technologies have helped to save more than 50,000 lives since 1982.

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