SAR Satellite Ground Stations

LEOSAR Local User Terminal (LEOLUT)

Low Earth Orbiting Search and Rescue Satellites

Satellite tracking station for acquisition of 406 MHz emergency beacon data relayed by Cospas-Sarsat Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites using LEOSAR technology. Using our proprietary software defined receiver technology, the LEOLUT processor system tracks, detects, and locates LEOSAR alerts independent from the availability of GNSS signal. In use around the world, our LEOLUT has provided accurate and reliable Cospas-Sarsat ground station product for more than 40 years.

Our latest generation LEOLUT can also track MEOSAR satellites and function as an additional MEOLUT channel when there is no LEOSAR satellite in view.

The TSi LEO/MEOLUT system includes highly sensitive and accurate RF and timing subsystems, proven beacon processing algorithms, and layered architecture to support strict security controls. The LEOSAR and MEOSAR data can safely be transported to the associated MCC or to the MEOLUT location processing, respectively. This highly innovative and proven solution has been delivered and commissioned in the US, UK, Taiwan, Singapore, and others.

Key Advantages

Robust beacon processor with excellent detection and processing performance
Optimized antenna tracking with selective schedule algorithm

Automatically switches between LEOSAR and MEOSAR satellite tracking capabilities


Supports MEO data sharing with other MEOLUT location processing

Built-in redundancy and high-reliability hardware and system design
Turnkey product with customization to match specific installation requirements

TSi’s technologies have helped to save more than 50,000 lives since 1982.

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