Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services does Global Support Services (GSS) provide?

GSS Provides the following services: 

    • 24x7x365 Tier 2 technical support of TSi installed systems, which are operating around the world.
    • Answer customer questions by phone and email related to TSi systems.
    • Troubleshoot technical issues.
    • TSi software training when required.
How do I raise a technical issue?
  1. The TSi Jira online ticketing system provides a common online access point to enter “tickets” for inquires and issues related to the support and maintenance of your TSi Cospas-Sarsat system. At the start of your maintenance contract, one of our staff will contact you with the login into for the ticketing system. As well, a set of training materials will be sent to you about how to use the ticketing system.
  2. The 24-hour Hotline should be used when the system experiences a critical service interrupting issue. Our telephone hotline guarantees that you will reach TSi directly and get help immediately.
How do I submit a support request if I cannot access Jira?

Contact your assigned Account Manager.

Why is submitting a request online the preferred method of support?

Submitting support requests online allows us to deliver fast and deep technical expertise in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Due to the detailed nature of the requests, it is much easier to provide relevant information online, compared to reading this information over the phone. This model also eliminates unproductive hold time for a simple, intuitive online process.

Will there be any technical training provided?

TSi provides training to the end users after system upgrade if necessary. This training is conducted via remote means such as a WebEx or video conference. Also, during the annual visit, TSi offers a training session to cover any system upgrades in the past year.

What if I have a hardware issue?

Based on your maintenance contract, we will receive “Return to service” of any hardware to its normal functional state, provided the hardware was not void of this service do to misuse or other unsupported activities. Existing spares will be used when available, and all faulty equipment will be returned to TSi or authorized repair center for repair.

What if I have a software malfunction?

Based on your maintenance contract, software malfunctions can usually be resolved via remote access to the TSi Cospas-Sarsat system. TSi will coordinate with the customer to arrange exactly when to login to the system and start the troubleshooting and as needed repair.

Will I receive software upgrades?

Based on your maintenance contract, TSi ensures conformance with all new applicable Cospas-Sarsat requirements. TSi provides updates to the TSi software loaded onto your TSi supplied Cospas-Sarsat system.

What is an annual on-site visit?

TSi personnel travels to your site once per year for examination of all installed equipment and software. This service can be offered as part of your maintenance contract.

Do you provide local on-site support?

Based on your maintenance contract, TSi can provide local on-site support.