TSi Awarded Contract for the Upgrade and Maintenance of Brazilian Air Force MEOSAR Systems

Lanham, Maryland, USA – October 31, 2022 – TSi, the global leader in Search and Rescue (SAR) satellite ground stations and software solutions, has been chosen by the Brazilian Air Force to deliver two new LGM-MCCs, a new LEO/MEOLUT, and to upgrade their existing GEOLUTs and MEOLUTs and provide long-term maintenance of their entire Cospas-Sarsat ground system.  

As the agency responsible for civilian search and rescue in Brazil, the Brazilian Air Force has chosen TSi to modernize their Cospas-Sarsat ground system.  This modernization includes the deployment of new LGM-MCCs at Air Force locations in Brasilia and Recife, the deployment of a new LEO/MEOLUT in Brasilia and upgrades to the existing MEOLUTs previously installed by a third party.  In addition to the installations and upgrades, TSi has also been awarded a contract to provide long-term maintenance and support of the entire Brazilian Cospas-Sarsat system.

Said TSi’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ludwig, “TSi is extremely proud of the responsibility the Brazilian Air Force has placed with us.  As the world leader in the deployment of Cospas-Sarsat systems, we are aware of the importance of this project not only to Brazil, but to the entire Cospas-Sarsat community.  By the end of this project, we will have proven our ability to quickly deploy, SAT and configure for commissioning an MCC as well as show our ability to modernize and support systems originally deployed by other vendors.”

About TSi: Founded in 1975, TSi is an advanced technology company and the global leader in SAR satellite ground stations and software services for integrated emergency response center systems. US NOAA and NASA, AMSA (Australia), MNZ (New Zealand), UK Coast Guard, CAAS (Singapore), DGAC (Chile) and other international government agencies are among the world-class customers that trust TSi to support and facilitate their SAR operations and save lives.

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