Capability Enhancements for NASA, Singapore, and Indonesia MEOSAR Systems

Lanham, Maryland, USA – October 18, 2022 – TSi has delivered system upgrades and expansions to enhance the capabilities of the MEOLUT systems for NASA, Singapore CAAS, and Indonesia BASARNAS customers. We appended LEOLUT with MEO tracking capability (LEO/MEOLUT) to Singapore and NASA MEOLUT systems providing them with reliable LEOSAR coverage when LEOSAR satellite is in view and additional MEO channel when there are MEOSAR satellites. This highly innovative and proven solution has been successfully delivered and commissioned in the US, UK, Taiwan, and many more. For Indonesia, we expanded their MEOLUT systems with 2 additional MEO channels to their existing 4-channel MEOLUT system originally installed by TSi.

Our customers trusted TSi’s skills, innovations, and extensive experience in expanding existing systems, and when they were ready to expand their systems with added features and functionalities, they choose TSi.

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