Successful LGM Commissioning for Taiwan MCC and CMC

Lanham, Maryland, USA – December 8, 2022 – TSi has successfully completed the Cospas-Sarsat commissioning of its LGM-MCC solutions delivered to the countries of Taiwan and Russia. The commissioning process and final approval by Cospas-Sarsat Council Sixty Seventh Session (CSC-67) meeting indicates the solution meets or exceeds all Cospas-Sarsat standards, and that is now able to share LEOSAR, GEOSAR, and MEOSAR data with other Cospas-Sarsat member nations in the process of life saving search and rescue operations.

With its powerful MCCNet software, our LGM-MCC solution has been demonstrated to meet the latest Cospas-Sarsat requirements, which include ELT(DT) capabilities to support ICAO GADSS initiative. Of all commercially available LGM-MCCs worldwide commissioned to date, more than 70% of them were manufactured and installed by TSi. In addition to these commissioned systems, TSi has installed LGM-MCCs running MCCNet software in over 10 other locations globally including China, India, Argentina, Indonesia, and others.

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